Yiheng 897 Aluminum film packaging

appearance:Paste. specifications:590ml/500ml
Storage period:Nine months. place of origin:Panyu, Guangzhou
brand:Yiheng series. Curing conditions:Room temperature curing

Yiheng 897 Aluminum film packaging

Yiheng 897 black colloid

Yiheng 897 white colloid

Yiheng 897 gray colloid

Product description

Product features 

1. Constant 897 stone material special weather resistant adhesive as a single component, neutral room temperature curing. Specially designed for sealing and bonding materials such as stone materials.

 2. It is widely used in joint sealing of dry-hanging stone curtain wall and cement precast board project, concrete expansion sealing of road project, adhesive sealing and joint sealing of ceramic material project.

3. Excellent adhesion and no pollution to stone materials.



Main usage 

1. Joint filling and sealing for dry-hanging stone curtain wall and cement prefabricated board.

2. Adhesive sealing and caulking sealing of ceramic materials engineering.

3, stone and other materials such as glass, metal, plastic bonding between sealing.



Shelf life 

The storage period is 9 months from the date of production. 


Restrictions on use 

Neutral adhesive: can not be used for structural bonding of full hidden or semi hidden glass curtain wall

It can't be used on the back of copper mirror because ketoxime glue will slightly corrode the copper material.

It should not be used on all material surfaces that will exude grease, plasticizer or solvent.

It is not suitable for airtight places, because silicone adhesive needs to absorb moisture in the air and solidify.

Not suitable for frosted or wet surfaces.

It is not suitable for continuous immersion or wet place all year round.

When the material surface temperature is lower than 15 ℃ or more than 27 ℃, it is not suitable for construction.



The company's products strictly implement relevant standards and ensure that all the indexes can meet the standard requirements, but based on the specific conditions of construction (including base material, construction method, climate, etc.), the test in advance to ensure that the product conforms to the specific purposes, and not by that domestic capital. Therefore, it must be fully tested in advance and independently determined to achieve satisfactory results before it can be widely used. The company should take the responsibility for violation of quality guarantee is limited to return the purchase cost pay or return the product .At the same time the company is willing to provide product technical support, for the further information,please contact the dealer for details.