Integrity: seek truth from facts and firmly reach the customer's acceptance.

Efficient collaboration: teams work with each other to complete tasks and achieve the best results in the fastest continuous manner

Dedication and pragmatism: with 100% sense of responsibility, every little thing in the work can be done to the extreme

Keep improving: do simple things over and over again, and constantly find new ways to improve, gradually improve, and achieve perfection.

Win win cooperation: to achieve win-win results for both sides by means of mutual emphasis and mutual benefit

Loyalty and reliability: loyalty first, ability second.

Our team activities

Opposing mutual prevarication and advocating responsibility

Oppose extravagance and waste and advocate diligence and thrift

Against carelessness and advocating excellence

Oppose to give up halfway and advocate one-stop

Oppose saying without practice and advocate doing what you say

Opposing individualism and advocating "team first"

Against muddling along and advocating meticulous

Against sticking to the old rules and advocating innovation

Oppose slackness and advocate dedication

There is a beginning and an end to the advocacy of opposing "tiger head and tail"

Five standards of YH staff: loyalty, dedication, efficiency, honesty and perseverance. Quality is the lifeblood of an enterprise. Adhering to standards and quality requires constant people to protect it.

Responsibility is the cornerstone of your success.

There is no perfect individual, only a perfect team, only obedience, can build a perfect team Don't make excuses for failure, because winners always find ways.

Misunderstanding comes from subjective guess. Active communication can eliminate all obstacles. Communication starts from heart and treats everyone with heart

Distinguish between tasks and achievements, prove their own value with achievements, and defend honor with achievements.